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BDO Debt Solutions is one of Canada’s oldest and largest debt help firms with offices across the country. BDO’s Licensed Insolvency Trustees are knowledgeable experts that can provide timely advice and analysis about the financial challenges facing Canadian households. Our team of experienced communicators can cover a variety of topics from the cost of living to the variety of debt management solutions that are available to the Canadians who need them. Whether it’s a radio or a podcast interview, a quote for an article or a TV interview, we’d be happy to put you in contact with the right debt professional.


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BDO Affordability Index

Having a conversation about finances in a restaurant

BDO Affordability Index 2023 - pt. 2

Why is it so hard to talk about debt?

The BDO Affordability Index explores why Canadians find financial issues so hard to talk about and provide advice on how to face your debt reality.

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BDO Affordability Index 2023

How are Canadians getting out of debt in 2023?

The BDO Affordability Index finds out how Canadians are tackling the affordability crisis and managing debt.

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Affordability Index 2022

BDO Affordability Index 2022

Canadians’ financials take hit due to inflation and rising costs

A greater number of Canadians are finding it increasingly challenging to make nearly all types of purchases, according to the fifth annual BDO Affordability Index from BDO Debt Solutions.

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Affordability Index 2021

BDO Affordability Index 2021

Learn how Canadians are coping with debt and affordability challenges

Every year, BDO examines how affordable life is in Canada. Our fourth annual survey shows that COVID-19 is eroding the standard of living for many Canadians, while the rising cost of living has only added to their burden. 

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Fontaine & Associates Inc. logo

Fontaine & Associates Inc. joins BDO

June 1, 2023

Toronto (ON) — BDO Canada Limited (‘BDO’), one of the largest accounting and advisory firms in Canada, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Fontaine & Associates Inc. (‘Fontaine’) into BDO’s personal debt solutions practice, effective June 1, 2023. The acquisition strengthens BDO’s position in many communities across Northern and Eastern Ontario, including the GTA.

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Hardie & Kelly joins BDO Debt Solutions in Alberta

We are pleased to announce that BDO Debt Solutions has merged with Hardie & Kelly Inc. If you live in Calgary and you're worried about your debt, you're not alone. And when you are looking for someone to help you find the right debt solution, we understand that trust is important.

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