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Debt can hold you back and stop you from achieving your goals. We can help you regain your confidence and start planning for the future.

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What is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT)

An LIT offers one-on-one counselling on all your debt relief options.
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You can meet with an LIT for free

Get no-judgement, no-obligation debt advice. Here’s when you should call for your free initial consultation.
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LITs vs other debt consultants

Not only are LITs federally regulated, they are the only debt professionals who can file a consumer proposal or bankruptcy on your behalf.  
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Our clients say it best. Hear from people we’ve helped about their financial recovery journey and their experience with BDO.

My consumer proposal experience: I had been putting off dealing with my credit card and line-of-credit debt, which totaled about $25,000. I tried to pay the bank back for years without ever touching the principal. Eventually the creditors started calling about 10 times a day. After talking with BDO, we decided to offer the bank $135/month for 60 months and the bank accepted the offer. My Administrator has been supportive and understanding. She made the whole process easy, convenient and understandable for me. Thank you BDO! Reposted from Google My Business reviews with client's consent.



I would like to say that BDO Debt Solutions provided excellent service in helping me with my debt problems. I slipped into debt with several life issues such as diagnosis of a terminal cancer, a breakdown of a 25-year relationship and depression. I reached out to BDO Debt Solutions and they took care of everything, explaining the entire process in straightforward terms that I understood and immediately they gained my trust. They didn't sugar coat anything either, which I appreciated. Thank you!


North York

I have learned a lot about expenses. What I truly need and wanted and how I used my income was an eye opener to the unhealthy ways I was using money leading to my bankruptcy. When I needed guidance and clarity the staff was always there and very prompt in getting back to me. I was cared for and respected in the recovery of my financial state. Thank you for your time and help during that difficult time.


St. John's

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When you’re facing debt challenges, knowing all your options provides considerable relief. We can help you explore budget management, credit counselling, and debt forgiveness programs, like consumer proposals or bankruptcy.

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Debt management relates to all aspects of our financial lives. Do you have questions? Chances are we’ve covered the topic in our advice section.

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