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Debt counselling

Find trusted advice for debt relief

What is debt counselling?

Debt counselling starts with a trusted advisor who can explain your debt relief options and ensure you understand how each one works.

At BDO, our debt professionals and Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LITs) offer a free initial consultation that provides you with an overall assessment of your financial situation and outlines all your available debt relief options. For many debtors, this is the first step toward debt relief.

Why should I consider debt counselling?

Debt can be hard to tackle on your own. A BDO debt professional will help you:

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1. Face your financial difficulties without judgement

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2. Understand your options and reduce stress

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3. Establish financial goals and a path forward

Who provides debt counselling?

Many professionals provide debt counselling services, from debt consultants to debt coaches or credit counsellors to Licensed Insolvency Trustees. They are not all the same and they don’t help debtors in the same way.

Are you looking for free advice on your debt relief options? A Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) will review your financial situation, explain your options and point you in the right direction if their services don’t match your needs.

What kind of debt relief advice can I expect to receive?

Our debt professionals and LITs explain a range of debt solutions based on your own personal situation. Here are the four main strategies for reducing the burden of debt.

1. Budgeting and repayment options

Can you better tackle your debt by rejigging your monthly budget? We can help you identify DIY solutions.

2. Debt consolidation loans

Are interest charges an issue? We can help you figure out if debt consolidation is a viable solution or not.

3. Credit counselling

Credit counsellors can help you devise an informal debt management plan and teach you new skills for managing your finances.

4. Debt forgiveness programs

Are you unable to repay your debt? An LIT can help you understand if a consumer proposal or bankruptcy is the right debt solution for you.

How BDO can help

Debt can be intimidating and stressful. Our debt professionals provide sound advice on a path forward so you don’t have to face your debt alone.

A BDO Licensed Insolvency Trustee is always available to discuss your debt relief options free of charge and without any obligation on your behalf.

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