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The BDO financial wellness program

Real-life financial education for your employees

As a strong supporter of financial literacy, we are proud to offer a Financial Wellness Workshop for your employees. Mental and physical wellness programs are integral components of an employer’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP), but what about financial wellness?

Did you know that financial stress adversely affects job productivity?

  • Lost productivity associated with financial stress among employees costs employers an estimated $16 billion a year (International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, 2016)
  •  25% of the workforce spends up to 250 hours/year at work dealing with their personal finances rather than performing their job (Benefits Canada, Frank Wiginton, 2013)
  •  A recent study of more than 2,000 Canadian employees found that 49% reported they felt distracted at work due to financial worries and 40% reported low levels of financial wellness (Manulife, March 2017)

BDO’s financial experts facilitate workshops that provide participants with tools and resources to improve their financial literacy and stay on track. This financial education may be offered as a supplement to an existing EAP, and workshop topics are customized to each organization, based on your needs, covering real life financial education that directly benefits your employees.

With an increase in financial knowledge, participants will be able to:

  • Create a personalized budget and manage household finances with greater confidence
  • Plan for major financial decisions around important life events (i.e. marriage, children, home ownership, saving for post- secondary education)
  • Be better equipped to teach their children and family members financial skills and money management
  • Better understand public programs and services that can help with economic stability and making sound financial decisions
  • Prepare for a financially secure retirement by setting goals, budgeting and tax planning
  • Understand financial products that are best for their needs
  • Recognize and protect themselves and family members against financial abuse and fraud
  • Understand credit, the costs of borrowing and warning signs of financial difficulty

No matter their current level of personal financial knowledge, your employees will benefit from the curriculum delivered in our workshop. In addition, each attendee will be provided with a workbook to facilitate ongoing learning.

BDO’s value-added Financial Wellness Program provides education that will improve your bottom line by increasing productivity, retention, engagement, employee relations, and recruitment potential.