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Debt-to-income calculator

From repaying debt on your own to filing a consumer proposal, your monthly payment can vary widely. Find out how much you can expect to pay.

Debt to income ratio calculator

A DTI higher than 40% means that almost half of your monthly income is going towards debt repayment. This could be an indication that it is a good time to seek advice about exploring different debt relief strategies. To calculate your DTI ratio, add up each monthly debt payment in the fields below and then fill in the income section before clicking 'Submit' for your results: 

Monthly debt

Think of all your sources of income (including your regular earnings, child tax benefit, child support, etc.) and enter the amounts below:

Monthly income
Debt-to-income ratio
0 - 30%
Looking good
31 - 49%
50% +
Could be unmanageable
0 - 30% : Looking good!

Your debts are manageable and you most likely have money left over to save. This puts you in a great position for handling unexpected expenses. Keep up the good work.

31 - 49% : Opportunity to improve.

You're able to manage your debt, but you may want to lower your debt balances. Build a budget and create a debt repayment plan. Try to consolidate your debts with a debt consolidation loan to help lower your interest charges. This could help increase your savings and put you in a better position to handle unexpected expenses.

50% + : Take action.

Debt repayment has become challenging. You may not have much money left for savings or unexpected expenses. Your borrowing options may also be limited. Discuss your financial situation with a debt professional who can help can explain your debt relief options and help you better manage your monthly expenses.