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BDO has acquired Fontaine & Associates Inc. to expand the personal debt solutions practice across Ontario. Our newly expanded team takes pride in helping to relieve financial stress and finding solutions to debt problems. Knowing the causes of financial problems and finding the right solution is key. We understand that every situation is different. We will help you find the right debt solution for you.

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Living debt-free starts here!

We'll assess your finances and have a practical, judgement-free conversation about all your available options so you can regain control of your finances and have a better night's rest!

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Worrying about debt is one of the first signs you may have too much

Many of our clients tell us the hardest part is realizing they have a debt problem and making the decision to reach out for help. Most of them also say they wish they'd reached out for help sooner. Having a plan in place and understanding your options is the best way to relieve the burden of debt stress and generally the earlier you reach out, the more options you'll have available to choose from.

Our debt solutions

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Debt counselling

Sometimes all you need is budgeting advice, or guidance on credit counselling & debt consolidation.

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Consumer proposal

If you're struggling, we can renegotiate your debt and lower your monthly payments by up to 80%.

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When you're no longer able to repay your debt, we can provide a fresh start and immediate relief.

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How we've helped

Our clients say it best. Hear from people we've helped about their financial recovery journey and their experiences with BDO.

I greatly appreciate the service provided by the amazing staff during a very difficult time in my life. I would like to thank you for all the help and financial support over the last few years. You helped my wife and I tremendously to get our lives back in financial order.



If you are buried in debt due to interest loans, credit card debit, Income Tax debit. I would highly recommend that you contact BDO Debt Solutions immediately. The service I received was incredible. The advisors are extremely friendly, helpful and nonjudgmental. From the time I made the decision to seek help until the proposal was filled was extremely fast and easy. I now have my life back and can sleep at night. Thank you BDO (and Beth Ann).

John Carbin


Would highly recommend BDO We had to file a proposal, which was a hard pill to swallow for us. They made me feel comfortable and not judged for our financial situation. They are quick, efficient, and always willing to help. 10/10 service!

Sabrina Baker


I would just like to thank Beth Ann and BDO Debt Solutions for making this experience so convenient, stress-free and just a huge relief. Clear your debts and your mind from worry. Beth Ann is so pleasant to work with. I know I can reach out at anytime if I have any concerns. I am very thankful for her!

Mike Fernandez


Approaching debt is a stressful venture and for a first time debtor like myself it can be quite intimidating. I am so grateful and pleased that I contacted Micheal Comrie and his team at BDO. They made the process of handling my debt a far less stressful procedure, and they answered all my (many) questions along the way with quickness and friendliness. Joe Bette, the credit councillor, was very informative and friendly to deal with as well. I am so very impressed with the entire team at BDO and if you have any issue with debt at all, I highly recommend giving this team a call.



I originally spoke with BDO to see what my options were as at the time I lost about 40% of my income and still had a lot of outstanding debt. I was not delinquent at the time but without doing something quickly I would have been. My BDO Licensed Insolvency Trustee explained to me my options and within one week we filed a consumer proposal. At this point, I thought everything was too good to be true, but in fact I had all my unsecured debt reduced to 60 per cent of my original amount owing. And that's not even the best part. I now have five years interest free to pay it off with equal weekly payments! I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling with debt to not hesitate and call right away to discuss your options. There are options for everyone.



Being a very private person about my finances, I walked into BDO feeling anxious, scared and embarrassed. I was treated with the utmost respect and a sincere understanding of my financial situation without being judged. I got excellent advice for my current situation, ongoing assistance through the whole bankruptcy process and professional training and advice for a healthy financial recovery. Thanks to the BDO team, less than a year after filing bankruptcy I am in a great financial state, with good credit. Thank you BDO.



From consultation to resolution, my BDO Licensed Insolvency Trustee was supportive, informative and highly professional. I felt heard and understood with no judgment. Dealing with debt is very stressful. She helped me remain calm and guided me through the process while being available to answer all of my questions. To anyone struggling with debt, I would recommend reaching out to BDO. They will be there for you every step of the way. 



My Licensed Insolvency Trustee and team were compassionate and understanding of my situation and helped create a solution that worked for me. BDO as a whole offered great resources to understanding my options, and their national reach allowed me to connect with a local office after moving so I didn't have to travel hours for in-person meetings when needed. Overall I'm elated to have chosen to work with BDO.



Everything changed the day after I input my information into BDO’s confidential portal. I had no idea this help was available. That lack of knowledge and of course humiliation kept me suffering in the blackest of places. You do not need to be there. They can and will help. After consultations and advice, my garnishee and issues were very quickly dealt with by the kindest souls. Caring individuals that showed me there was light. Thank you is not enough for the opportunity they gave me to learn, and to rebuild myself. I am beyond grateful. Don't hide. Get the help these people are trained and happy to offer. Life can be better. Thank you BDO. You gave me something I haven't known in a while. Pride.



What could your monthly payments look like?

Add up your debt from all sources (including credit cards, lines of credit, loans, etc.) and enter the total amounts below. Click 'Submit' to see how different solutions can affect your monthly payments and the total cost of repayment over the span of 5 years.

Type of debt
Based on estimated interest charges, here are four possible debt solutions with their respective monthly payments and total costs over the course of 5 years. Please note that this information is for illustration purposes only. Monthly payments can vary depending on many factors, including your salary and family situation.
Monthly payments
Total cost of repayment
Repay debt on your own
Are you able to repay your debt on your own? If you're looking to pay it off in 5 years, your monthly payment will need to be . In total, you will spend .
Debt consolidation loan
If you have a good credit score and are able to qualify for a debt consolidation loan from your bank, you could repay your debt in 5 years with a monthly payment of . In total, you will pay .
Credit counselling
If your credit rating isn’t strong, your bank might not offer you a debt consolidation loan. You can explore credit counselling, where interest charges are frozen over the course of the repayment period. With this option, your monthly payment will be over five years. But you will have to repay the total amount of your debt
Consumer proposal
If you’re no longer able to pay back all of your debts, a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT) can reduce your debt load by 30-80%. Based on a 70% reduction, your monthly payment will be only , and your total repayment amount will be .

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We take the time to explore all debt relief options, so you can choose the best one for you.

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