#FLM2017 Why Financial Literacy is Important for Students

As our latest national poll shows, many recent graduates have student debt regrets. Whether it was living more frugally, working more hours or choosing a different field of study, Canadian grads wish they could’ve done something differently to reduce the amount they borrowed. And a lot of them are still paying off their student loans today.

Financial literacy might not be part of the university curriculum, but there are important money lessons for students to be learned before, during and after university. Here are a few blogs that might be helpful:

7 Helpful Tips From Grads To Reduce Your Student Debt: After graduating with student debt, our poll respondents offer their best advice to future post-secondary students.

What Is Financial Literacy For Youth? Why Is It Now More Important Than Ever? This blog post offers a good rundown of financial literacy skills to learn and credit mistakes to avoid.

Is It Better Not To Have A Credit Card? A recent study found that only one-third of 18 to 29 year olds have a credit card. Here’s why you might want to get one.

How To Fund Your Education Without Debt Regret: This blog offers three tips for current students, as well as another three tips for recent grads to reduce student debt.

One Simple Way To Reduce Your Student Debt Stress: Learn why creating a budget is the best way to control your spending.

How To Pay Off Student Debt After Starting Your First Job: Here are three things you can do to start chipping away at your debt load.

Why Student Debt Could Be Stopping Your Start-Up: Student debt could be a roadblock for young entrepreneurs. Here’s some examples of how to start a business without taking on even more debt.

How To Dig Your Way Out Of Student Debt: 5 Online Tools: From debt relief options to calculators to blogs, here is a helpful list of online resources.

3 Financial Bloggers That Will Help You Reduce Student Debt: Some Canadians have successfully paid off their student loans and then wrote a blog about it. Here are three must-reads.

And one for the parents…

Debt Regret: How To Help Your Kids Avoid Student Debt: Tips for teaching teens about money and what you can do to help them reduce costs during college or university.

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