#FLM2017 8 Helpful Financial Literacy Blogs for Struggling Gen Xers

These days, many Gen Xers are stuck in the middle with debt. Raising kids and caring for aging parents at the same time has left the grunge generation struggling to reach their financial goals. This phenomenon is commonly known as Generation Squeeze, and has become a hot topic in this country.

Our local debt relief experts from across Canada offer advice for dealing with Gen Squeeze in the following blog posts:

Why Generation Squeeze Is Making It So Tough For Young Adults: Housing is unaffordable, and it takes two incomes to raise a family now. How can Canadians under 45 relieve the squeeze?

Buying Your First Home Isn’t As Easy As It Used To Be Thanks To GenSqueeze: Buying a home is getting more difficult for young Canadian families. Here’s why budgeting is more important than ever.

Feeling The Stress And Debt Of Gen Squeeze? You’re Not Alone: Breaking down why millennials and Gen X-ers are being squeezed—and how baby boomers are often caught in the middle.

How To Prepare Your Finances For Your Parents’ Retirement: Many Canadians are looking after their aging parents while trying to raise their own children. Here are three things you can do to help get ready for this.

Gen Squeeze And FOMO: Shaping Debt Patterns: Are you feeling squeezed and have a fear of missing out? Here are some debt solutions that can help.

I’m Being Affected By Generation Squeeze: What Are My Debt Options? This list breaks down several solutions that can help you get out of debt.

Reduce Debt And Stress By Changing Your Perspective: Generation X might be under the most financial stress right now. Here are five ways you can help improve your financial situation.

Four Financial Tools To Help Relieve Generation Squeeze: From budgets to calculators to knowing your credit score, here are four tools you can use to help reduce debt.