What To Do When Reality TV FOMO is Causing Real-World Debt

If you find yourself in need of budgeting advice, credit counseling, or debt help, you might be letting influences from reality TV impact your spending habits. The nature of television is to offer an escape from reality, but when you try to live your life like the characters on reality TV there is a real danger of developing unrealistic and unsustainable spending habits. Most television shows focus on the luxurious lifestyles of celebrities, and few shows accurately depict the reality of living with debt or bankruptcy. So, when you are facing personal debt, it is better to turn to your family and friends or debt help professionals to seek advice about credit counseling and other forms of money management.

Reality TV celebrities rarely have to deal with real world, mundane issues like paying their household bills or balancing their credit card statement. Instead reality TV tends to focus on the rich and famous going on shopping sprees and taking exotic vacations.  It’s easy to watch these reality lifestyle shows and experience FOMO (the “fear of missing out”). You may want the outfit a reality TV star is wearing, or desire that sunny getaway, but it’s important to stay conscious of the effects television has on your spending habits. Watching the lavish lifestyles of reality TV stars can easily skew your wants to seem like needs. Once you convince yourself that you need or deserve a walk-in closet or a new sports car, you might be mimicking the lifestyle of reality TV stars and spending beyond your means.

When you find yourself spending more than you are making, paying bills after they are due, or being unable to make minimum payments on your credit cards, then you should note the signs of financial trouble and think about seeking debt help at a credit counseling agency or Trustee in Bankruptcy. Overspending to try to emulate the lifestyle of reality TV stars can lead to some real credit card debt that might have lasting effects on your finances. If you find yourself overspending or accumulating dangerous levels of credit card debt, it is best to make a budget to determine what your expenses are and where you can cut back. If you are regularly going to the mall to buy an outfit that you saw on a celebrity from a reality TV show, then you might consider changing your spending habits to purchase more reasonably priced clothes, or only going on one shopping spree per season. Some budgets might call for drastic alterations to your spending habits, and others might just require some cut backs in a few monthly expenditures. Finding a credit counseling agency that offers financial education might be a good way to help determine how drastic your spending habits need to change in order to save enough to repay your debt.

If your debt load is too heavy to handle on your own, seek the advice of a Trustee. There are formal debt options that provide you with the opportunity to relieve your debt and get your finances back on track. The bottom line is that reality TV can depict a luxurious lifestyle, but it isn’t the real world of an average Canadian. Don’t let the desire of this lifestyle pull you into #RealityShowDebt.