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Angela King-Suuronen

Senior Administrator

Locations: Alexandria, Cornwall, Embrun, Orleans, Rockland


Angela King-Suuronen is a Senior Insolvency Administrator with 15 years of experience in the financial recovery services within the Eastern Ontario and Ottawa region for BDO Canada Limited.

Angela joined BDO in a temporary position after University and very quickly realized her passion for helping people, Angela chose to develop her professional skills, as well as her growing belief that everyone has the right to a stress-free financial future.

With a genuine appreciation for how money worries can affect personal & family life and wellbeing, Angela’s professional approach is supportive, non-judgmental, and understanding.

For this reason, Angela particularly enjoys mentoring individuals during counselling sessions where she is able to demonstrate how to budget and offer financial tools to help lift individuals out of their current stresses ties so they can move forward into a debt-free future.

Based out of BDO – Ottawa, Angela is also the Administrator for the offices of Cornwall, Ottawa East, Rockland, Embrun and Alexandria.

Angela is a valuable team member of BDO and is available to help you when you’re ready for financial help with your debt problems.

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