#FLM2017 Top Financial Tips and Debt Advice for Baby Boomers

Many baby boomers are nearing the retirement age, but are they ready to retire? Providing for adult children long after graduation can lead to added debt and reduced retirement savings for these soon-to-be seniors. Here are a few blogs that can help you manage your family’s financial situation as you get ready for retirement:

Baby Boomers, Is Your Money Going Towards Retirement Or Your Children’s Student Debt? This blog links to a financial review plan and offers advice on holding a Family Annual Meeting with your adult kids.

My Adult Child Is Struggling, Should I Help Pay Their Debt? Two-thirds of Canadian parents say that supporting their adult children is putting a strain on their own finances. This blog focuses on Manitoba, but offers some good advice for Canadians across the country.

Avoiding Debt: The Greatest Generation And Being Future-Oriented: When it comes to managing money, there are some lessons you can learn from your parents’ generation.

Boomers: How To Keep Your Debt Plans On Track: This blog offers tips for supporting adult kids and tackling existing debts before retirement.

Can A Large Inheritance Help Baby Boomers Pay Off Debt? Perhaps you’ve recently received an inheritance, or are expecting to receive one once your parents pass on. But chances are, this money alone won’t meet all of your retirement needs. This post offers some advice to help prepare for retirement, whether you’re expecting a windfall or not.

Is FOMO Leading To FONBATR For Today’s Baby Boom Generation? You’re likely familiar with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), but what the heck is FONBATR? It may be a mouthful of an acronym, but the fear of not being able to retire is real. Here’s how you can fight it.

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