#FLM2017 Why It’s Important to Teach Your Kids About Money

One of the most common questions that comes up during Financial Literacy Month is “When should I start teaching my kids about money?” While you wouldn’t want them playing with coins in their crib, financial literacy can begin at an early age—even as young as four or five years old.

Our financial experts from across the country offer tips, suggestions and advice when it comes to teaching your kids about money. Check out these BDO blog posts from our local offices:

Teaching Your Kids How To Spend, Save And Reduce Debt: This great blog from last year’s FLM offers lessons and activities you can teach your children at every age group.

It’s Time To Talk. Let’s Teach Our Kids About Financial Literacy: A BDO poll in 2015 found that almost half of Canadians have told “white lies” about their finances to protect their loved ones. Here’s how you can be more open and honest with your children.

Valuable Digital Lessons That Will Help Kids With Future Debt: How to teach your children about debit cards, online banking and digital allowance.

How To Teach Your Child About Digital Pay And Debt Control: Maybe you don’t want to give your kids a debit card? This blog makes the case for a cash allowance.

Advice For Parents: How To Teach Kids Debt-Life Balance: Teaching your kids about “wants” and “needs” is a valuable life skill when it comes to spending and avoiding debt.

The Reality TV Influence And Building Your Child’s Financial Literacy: How to talk to your kids about materialism and find a reality TV show you can watch together.

It’s Time To Teach Your Kids Their Financial ABC’s: Learn about holding a Family Annual Meeting to discuss your finances and how to be a good financial role model for your kids.

Teach Your Children To Turn Birthday Money Into A Financial Future: While it’s a good idea to have a piggy bank, financial literacy shouldn’t stop there. Online tools, apps and budget worksheets can help you show your kids how to save and spend responsibly.

How To Demonstrate Financial Literacy In A Single-Parent Family: Single parents aren’t on their own when it comes to teaching their kids about money. There are several online resources that can help.

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