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Identifying your “budget persona” to the pattern of your financial habits will help you take a step back and think about how your financial behaviours are helping you achieve your goals. 

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Closing thoughts  

Did you know that our budget personas are constantly evolving? In reality, we are all a stickler or a procrastinator at some point in our lives. And this is a good thing! Budgets and behaviours adapt to different financial situations. The trick is to be aware of your financial habits, why they need to evolve and how to point them in the right direction.   

Is there a budget persona that is best? Yes and no. The architect budgeter lives within a sound financial lifestyle that fosters healthy spending habits and avoids overspending. That's surely a goal everyone can aspire to. But it can take some time to get there. And there are times in life when you might need to micromanage your spending, and that is OK too. The key is self-awareness! 

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